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There is a gap between demographics and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology and those that do not or have only restricted access. Focusing on the health sector, this gap prevents distribution of essential information and knowledge to those who need it most.

Health information gap in Tanzania

Radio is the main source of information and news in Tanzanian homes, only 5% of all broadcasted content is health-related and yet listeners have no option to choose health topics to be covered by radio stations. Internet fails to be an efficient source of information because only 30% of Tanzanians can actively access the web; and in addition, most of the content online is in English, a language spoken by only a minority group of Tanzanians.

This results in unnecessary suffering and deaths from easily preventable diseases and health conditions; also it continues family cycles of poverty due to lack of access to information on family planning, resulting in large numbers of unplanned children and high levels of child/teen pregnancy as well as many other negative side effects.

Mobile afya is tackling this problem by making health and wellbeing information accessible to Tanzanians through mobile technology (mobile phones).

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  1. SGD Goal No 3 - Good health and wellbeing

  2. SGD Goal No 4 - Quality education

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