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"Health access for the vulnerable"

There is no better way to create lasting impact than to care for the health of individuals and communities in need. We provide digital health through Mobile Afya app and medical checkups to vulnerable communities. With your support, we will be able to deliver live saving impact while illustrating social consciousness.

On behalf of organisations and corporate companies, we deliver impact through CSR (Community Social Responsibility) projects and sponsorship programs.

For companies and organisations

Our services include

  1. CSR project planning and management

  2. Visibility and Media

  3. Reporting and visuals

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For individuals and families

On your behalf we will; 

  1. Identify vulnerable communities

  2. Provide them with mHealth services

  3. Give you reports & visuals of your impact

Please note:
Paypal doesn't operate in Tanzania, this account is based in Germany and run by our Founder Mariatheresa.

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